Efficient Access to Capital

  • We are a fund - not a group. We make a decision and write a check in less than one month. 
  • We agree to the same valuation, terms, and structure as your lead investor. We don't take Board Seats.
  • We are stage, industry, and geography agnostic.
  • Checks from $100k - $500k, with opportunity for more up to $2M with our Co-Investment Program.

Organized Access to the Alumni Network

  • Our community encompasses hundreds of investors and thousands of newsletter subscribers which include VCs, executives, other entrepreneurs and general innovation enthusiasts.
  • Use our Call to the Network to publicize your requests for resources, introductions, etc. 

We Offer Other Helpful Publicity and Resources

  • Good brand with which to be associated
  • Exposure/PR/social bump through newsletters, Twitter, etc.
  • Free services for you: Call to the Network, Resource Connector, Founder Pledge