New Investments

Most of our investment opportunities are direct referrals from people associated with Blue Ivy Ventures: individuals within our community; investors in our funds; or other Ambassadors that work in the broader private equity and venture capital industries. 
We conduct a thorough, yet efficient evaluation process. We often leverage the experience and judgment of relevant Yale alumni during our diligence process. 
If you know of an interesting company, please contact us. We would love to begin a relationship. If you are an Investment Professional who wants to learn more about how we can be helpful, please contact us.

Investment Criteria

  • Yale connection: An alumni as a founder, executive, Board member, and/or lead investor
  • Demonstrated product / market fit
  • Strong team
  • Large market
  • Clear differentiation and defensibility
  • Attractive metrics relevant to particular industry and sector
  • Growth
  • Top-tier lead investor

BIV - Portfolio-1.jpg

Model Portfolio

This is a high-risk, high-reward asset class, so diversification is wise. We invest in 15–25 deals over the course of 12–24 months, leaving ourselves up to four years for a few follow-on investments. That means that in two years, most of an investment will be divided over a portfolio of about 20 companies, placing a number of “small bets” on a diverse group of companies.

Deals / Due Diligence

We participate in a variety of deal stages and structures. Our early stage deals (about 30% of our portfolio) are often convertible notes with caps or SAFES. Later stage deals are typically priced rounds with an institutional investor lead. We evaluate deals that already have a lead investor and that are definitely getting done, and our Investment Committee advises on a final decision.


Decision Making

Our Investment Committee—consisting of smart, experienced investors—meets about 8-12 times a year. In these two-hour sessions, we look at two to three deals (typically selected from 20-30 investment opportunities). We make our due diligence reports and recordings of the IC meetings available to all investors.